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No one knows pests like we do. Fighting pests takes more than just determination…

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Strikeforce Pest Control Services range from protecting your valued family home from termite attack through to single or multiple household pest problems.

Strikeforce Pest Control is a company committed to providing effective treatment of household pests without exposing your family, pets or gardens to any risk.

Our services are carried out using only the best low toxicity products on the market with an absolute approach to environmental awareness.

All chemicals, including gels, baits, dust and sprays are approved by the health department, odourless and safe.

The technicians will safely guide you through the service providing not only direction but informative advice on household pest issues.

Our friendly technicians will provide a professional and non-intrusive service which means you do not have to empty cupboards, move furniture, or leave your property when treatment is finished.

We confidently back our service with a 6 month 100% “Iron Clad” Warranty.

We carry out the following services:

Cockroach Control

Spider Control

Ant Control

Termite Control

Bed Bug Control

Bird Control

Rodent Control

Wasps and Bees

Call Now:
0499 475 020