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Bird Control Birds can cause significant problems among property owners including defecation of your property with bird droppings, damaging guttering and eaves.

They become a major nuisance as they scratch and make loud noises making them a stubborn pest that needs to be controlled.

Birds carry mites that are a lot worse than its flea counterparts causing skin blotching and major skin irritations.

Bird droppings also often contain pathogenic bacteria or fungi a wide range of serious diseases like Chlamydiosis and Salmonellosis should they come in contact with you.

Bird droppings can inadvertently find its way into filtration systems through outdoor air conditioning unit.

Some of the common types of birds in Australia that often cause the issues mentioned above include pigeons, sparrows and the Indian Mynah.

What can Strike Force Sydney do for you?

Bird Spikes – Will discourage birds from inhabiting or nesting on gutters, down pipes, ledges and eaves or any flat areas.

Bird Proofing – Possible access areas of bird pests are identified and secured. Any materials that they can use for nest building are removed and the whole area is treated for the possible presence of bird mites.

Bird Nets – Strong nets can be used to prevent the intrusion of birds in and around your property.

Bird Shock – Consist of wires installed on ledges and window sills connected to a solar cell that provides a somewhat unpleasant shock for any birds that wander too close.

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